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Kumtiya is another well known dried vegetable of Rajasthan, it is a part of regular Rajasthani diet which has amazing health benefits. The lone kumat tree in Godaro ki Dhani in Bhelu village, 90 km from Bikaner, is harvested for shiny, flat seeds used as food by the people in Rajasthan they are called Kumtiya.


This vegetable has cooling properties which provide our body effective cooling. Panchkuta ka saag is the most authentic royal dish of Rajasthan forever!


Rabadi/Rabori is a homemade traditional Marwari recipe. Made with Buttermilk and jowar/corn atta. It looks like pieces of papad but it tastes a little tangy. The base ingredients used to prepare this is primarily Buttermilk and Jawar/corn and made in the form of thin sheets like papad.


Sangri are dried sticks vegetables which are precisely grown in hot humid regions of Rajasthan. Sangri is considered as one of the most royal dishes of Rajasthan, it has excellent taste and health benefits to the human body